Wooden eMotorbike Cafe Racer

Inspired from the classic ’50s motorcycles «Cafe Racers», our ROCSIE is a-state-of-the-art vehicle. Its elegant design is based in the use of timeless materials: wood, leather and metal. This electric motorbike will give a point of reference in your lifestyle.

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ROCSIE: back to basics? yeah, is sweet!

«Riding this eMotorbike it will make you feel back to basics, where the sensation is just the air of the speed facing you. This sensation is made by an electric motor of 1000w of power…»

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Retro electric motorcycle has a heart of beech

«We’ve seen a fair number of wooden bicycles recently, along with plenty of electric motorcycles. Well, now it’s time to meet the Rocsie. It’s a Spanish-built cafe racer-style electric motorbike, with a laminated bent-wood frame….»

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Rocsie | the electric cafe racer wood bike

«This striking appearance has an elegant design and uses some various, surprising materials: wood, leather and metal. The use of plastic is almost reduced to zero or minimized as much as possible. This final prototype is the result of an evolution process, sleepless nights, discussions and aqua (yeah right …)…»

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Rocsie, una moto eléctrica con espíritu de bicicleta

«Rocsie es un proyecto de moto eléctrica que se está desarrollando en Barcelona y que iniciará una campaña de crowdfunding a partir del próximo mes de enero….»

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«近頃販売されているバイクは、どのモデルも高性能かつ安心して乗車できるが、時にはシンプルな車体で近所を散歩する手軽感を味わいたくなる。そんなあなたには、スペインのデザインスタジオ「UNPLUGGED DESIGN STUDIO」が製作した木製フレームを採用した電動バイク「ROCSIE」がピッタリかもしれない。»

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